At last the time has come…


I’ve been somewhat of a recluse for these last few weeks. I realized time was catching up to me and the semester is coming to an end. With that in mind I knew I wanted to make the most out of my spring break.


I needed to get far ahead of schedule, and if it meant sacrificing going out for a few weeks, I made sure to commit. It deprived me of meeting spontaneous friends as often as I usually did.


But, I knew it would be undoubtedly worth it.


It also reminded me of the value of connecting with my talented and awe-inspiring peers. This week, kicking off my spring break, I found myself in Athens, Greece.


It’s a pretty sizable group, 8 of us to be exact. A classmate that I immediately connected with when I landed a few months ago, is my good friend, Sean.


We’ve always got along extremely well and I didn’t ever think of interviewing him. It was like I just rekindled a friendship with an old friend. It wasn’t until the end of the first night in Greece that it hit me.


This guy is passionately into videography.


I had asked him for a quick favor and he responded by asking me to give him a second, letting him upload some videos onto his MacBook. I learned quickly of all the footage he had from his GoPro and his phone.


He was there on his bed, with his GoPro, intricate attachment lens, and other camera gadgets. I thought to myself, “wow, this guy really came prepared.”


I am one of the three correspondents for my school. We all have been poised with the task of documenting our trip in some digital format. Creating quality videos is no doubt, expensive to start and time consuming.


And here was Sean, a student that wasn’t getting paid by the school, doing what he loved most. I knew I wanted to get to know what motivated and got him to fall in love with videography.


I’ve seen Sean’s previous videos and him shoot footage around Rome as well. But, I’ve never seen him so eagerly and diligently prepared. He was laser-focused and I wanted to know what the difference was this time.


“It was a bucket list for me. Once I was given the opportunity to even come here and travel across the world… There’s something about Greece that makes it a personal paradise and escape that only you can fabricate in your mind… it’s like a figment of your imagination.”


He’s using the intrinsic fire he’s had in his belly since he was a kid. Never having the same affinity for Greece as he did, I couldn’t relate to this surreal dream of his.


But, what I could feel was his emanating enthusiasm for it.


And sometimes that’s what it takes. He was so passionate about coming to Greece that it was purely contagious. It not only made me interested in what he had to say about Greece, but it helped me understand him better.


He was so set on creating a cinematic masterpiece because he was so in love with Greece.


I kept thinking, but really? Sean could bring all this gear and spend hours indoors uploading and editing photos when everything outside could be a potential distraction?


I knew there was something bigger driving him.


“My main goal for Greece was to expose its beauty to the world. Again, it’s a burden traveling—costs and time, you know? Just for people who can’t even experience it, I just want to show them this is what’s out there in the world.”


It was something bigger than Sean. I could see it in the spark of his eyes. He wanted to contribute to something bigger and it was giving back in a form he knew the best.


It was incredible to see that he didn’t need to lug around his professional camera to create phenomenal videos. He did so through his phone (iPhone 7S with an Olio clip attachment) and his GoPro.


Not only was really making use of the technological advancements that we’re presented with every day, but it is forward thinking.


“People don’t read anymore… We eat with our eyes a lot in society… that’s what I think appeals to people nowadays. If it’s beautiful, you’re going to catch them.”


He’s essentially doing what I’m doing through a different medium. I love learning and sharing it with others. The way I learn best is through discussion. Which is why I chose to do interpersonal interviews.


He chose video production. It was his outlet of expressing what he got to experience through his daily encounters.


It’s time consuming, tedious, and sometimes a bit inconvenient. However, delivering a finished product to an audience is so rewarding. It’s that cliché saying…


It only takes one.


It only takes reaching one person for it to be fulfilling and completely worth the countless hours invested into a project.


If I had just observed Sean from a stranger’s point of view I could have easily said he was an average guy just filming his holiday. However, after talking with him, and grasping the thought and attention to detail that goes into the making of one video, I feel the intense love he has for what he does.


And it all stems from giving back.


I hope this seemingly ordinary perspective of someone helped you realize that sometimes the most conspicuous things have the most surprising layers to them.